The Equine Relief Fund

Mylestone’s Equine Relief Fund was established to provide emergency support for horses in need. We partner with humane authorities, veterinarians, and non-profit rescue groups that are registered charities to provide funding for various veterinary services including coggins tests, which are necessary for trailering horses, emergency care, castrations, and humane euthanasia. Mylestone also provides euthanasia services for horses in desperate need when individuals devoted to their horses are truly unable to afford it and in conjunction with their veterinarian.

Check below for some of the ways your donations to the Equine Relief Fund have helped horses in need.

If interested in supporting these efforts, please make a donation and make a note that it's for The Equine Relief Fund.

Donate by Mail: Please print out our donation form, fill it out and send it along with your check to:

Mylestone Equine Rescue
227 Still Valley Rd.,
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

Donate Online: To make a secure donation using any major credit card or with your PayPal account, just click on the Donate button below - it's easier than ever! (Please note that you do not have to have or set up a PayPal account to make your donation through Pay Pal - just select the credit card you wish to use.)



Depending on what our funding allows determines how many horses we can help each year. In 2016 we helped 13 horses and ponies through the Equine Relief Fund, including Rudy at right. This ongoing fund is vital to helping horses with nowhere else to turn.

In 2017 we helped over 70 horses, thanks to 2 grants. We also helped provide aid to 6 rescue groups affected by Hurricanes in Texas and Florida.

Below are two more recent success stories thanks to the Equine Relief Fund.





At left is Trooper, a gelding that was in the south Jersey area that needed a home. He is older and was very thin. Travellers Rest Farm Sanctuary in MD had the room to take him in. We sent a generous donation towards his recovery. He is doing very well in their care and will have a home with them for life, and will never have to worry again where his next meal is coming from.

Chief, above, is a handsome 9-year-old Appaloosa gelding who came to the White Bird Appaloosa Horse Rescue from a hoarding situation in 2014. Raised without any human handling, he was a semi-feral bachelor stallion when surrendered by his owner, along with 35 other horses. He came a long way and loves people, but frustrated two trainers in that he just does not fit most standard training regimens, which are designed for better socialized horses. Thanks to assistance from Mylestone and their veterinary support of horses like Chief who cannot or should not be rehomed quickly, Chief will have the time to find the right home.

In the summer of 2021 ...

Pictured are the mustangs drinking from the trough provided to Equine Well Being Rescue for the Black Mesa/ Heber mustangs.

Mylestone’s Equine Relief Fund was used this past summer 2021 to provide urgently needed water to the mustangs out West in drought-ridden Arizona. Working with Fleet of Angels, the ERF purchased numerous large water troughs as well as helping rescue organizations get water to the horses.


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