Holiday Gift Sponsorships - 2021

There are so many wonderful things happening in the world in spite of the challenges we all still may face. We're of the mind that saving the lives of horses who needed us is one of those wonderful things. To see Emmett and his silly faces, listen to the excited neighs from all around the farm as mealtime approaches, to help pull a horse through a tough time - these are truly wonderful things to us. We hope you'll take this opportunity to support the healthy and happy lives Mylestone rescue horses have come to know by giving a Holiday Gift Sponsorship this year.

This year, our Holiday Gift Sponsorships feature Lucy, Yaz, Starry, Tango and Jackson. Or we can choose a Horse in Need for you, based on a Mylestone resident who is in urgent need of support. Please Note: These 5 choices are the only horses available for the Holiday Gift Sponsorships; any other horses selected will be replaced with one of those featured.

You can learn about the horses featured in the flyer below, and download the pdf for complete details on what the Gift Sponsorship includes and how to order.

The recipient of your gift will get an announcement of your gift, a holiday photo card of one of the horses featured, a certificate of sponsorship, and a short "bio" of that rescue horse. A gift sponsorship is a one time donation for the Holiday Gift Sponsorship only. You can pay by mail or online as described below.

To guarantee delivery before Christmas, we must receive your sponsorship request BY DECEMBER 15th..

PAY BY MAIL: To arrange for this special gift, please open our 2021 Holiday Gift Sponsorship form first, available here in pdf format. Please print out and send this form along with your donation of $40.00 (or more) to the address below. All Holiday Sponsorships are sent out via USPS Priority Mail. If we receive your request after December 15th, every effort will be made to insure receipt before Christmas, but delivery cannot be guaranteed.

Holiday Gift Sponsorship
Mylestone Equine Rescue
227 Still Valley Rd.
Phillipsburg, NJ 08865

PAY ONLINE: If paying online you can use your credit or debit card or donate through your PayPal account using the PayPal button below. Please open the Holiday Gift Sponsorship form first so you know what information Mylestone needs, and be sure to include it when you make your donation, or e-mail us separatelywith the information. Click below to donate.



You can learn more about each of the horses available for this Christmas/holiday sponsorship, by clicking on the links below.


All of us here at Mylestone wish you happy holidays, Merry Christmas, and a great New Year. We have all faced so many challenges, and your support of our rescue horses is especially meaningful.


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