Help A Horse Day 2015 - Page 2

Thanks to our terrific volunteers, the help and support of Horsemen's Outlet, and, of course, YOU!, we had an amazing day. Here are some more photos of the day.

Mylestone veterinarian Dr. Mary Beth Hamorski asked for donations of items on Mylestone's Wish List - muck rakes, buckets, supplements, etc. or gift cards that we could use to purchase grain.

S & L Rescue attended with a number of sweet dogs available for adoption.

Perfect weather brought out so many interested visitors who signed our roster and learned all about Mylestone. We were thrilled to see so many of our supporters and to make new friends as well!

Keirson Farms generously donated all the proceeds from the pony rides which was $200!

Horsemen's Outlet offered a 20% off coupon to further entice people to come to Help A Horse Day, and also donated all proceeds from food sales to Mylestone.

An adoption hopeful from a second organization in attendance, St. Hubert's of Madison.

Volunteer Chris Heimsch ran a 5k before Help A Horse Day and created this tee shirt to promote our event to race participants.

There were plenty of opportunities to chat with like-minded people about Mylestone, horses - and dogs! - during the day.

If it looks like our Help A Horse Day was a lot of fun, be sure to come join us next year!



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