Horses Win at Rockin' Horse Benefit - 2

The Master of Ceremonies for the evening was Maria Milito from Q104.3 FM Radio.

At left, emcee Maria is seen with Madeline, one of the Mylestone horses who is most in need of sponsors, and who, just for this one night, could run just as fast as any of the other rescue horses.

The honored guests for the evening were Skip and Katie Borghese who are known for their very generous charity work over the years.

Katie Borghese helped during the rescue horse race.

The main fundraiser for the evening was a mock horse race which featured 5 of the neediest horses at the farm. Guests were able to bid to get their horse across the finish line while raising funds at the same time. Music for the evening was provided by Eric Hayes, and later on, Daddy NoBux got the guests on the dance floor during dessert.

Skip Borghese explained how the horse race would work and how it would benefit the Mylestone rescue horses.

Susankelly gave a speech to the guests, explaining Mylestone's mission and accomplishments and thanking them for their participation in the Rockin' Horse Benefit.

Mylestone’s Founder Susankelly Thompson gave a brief speech before a video presentation which had been filmed at the farm months earlier. The video was extremely touching featuring the volunteers, board members, vets and farriers. This presentation allowed all the guests the opportunity to gain insight as to what Mylestone Equine Rescue is all about.

Attending the event were two of our farriers, Gil and Jaye Meeker, one of our veterinarians, Dr. Christina Wilson ,and her husband, Hunter, and one of our equine dentists, Jim Edwards.


Also present were another of our farriers, Chris Penola, and his wife, Sally.


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