In Appreciation - Open House 2010

Each year, Mylestone is truly gratified to see the number of people who turn out to meet and learn about the horses. It takes a lot of energy and effort to get our annual event together, and there are many people to whom we are grateful for the success of our day - volunteers, bakers, vendors and both individual and businesses who donate to our Silent Auction. A huge thank you is in order to all of you who helped - THANK YOU!!


* Ashleigh and Jane Howland * Alaina Lambert * Ray Zrybko * Becky Savercool * Ed Saultz * Lois Commander * Kelly and Kenny Conklin * Kathy Stanwood * Krista Strobel * Arthur Bath* Jennifer Sinkbeil * Dawn Del Grosso * Rich Clemente * Melanie Stillo * Jen Wenzel * Nancy Kembel * Kathy Packo * Diane Becker * Cynthia Barkman * Gypsy Garrett * Maureen Sheehan * Barbara Petercsak * Marion Barbato * Arlene Medeiros * Reed Dubow * Sue DeHart * Kathy O'Keeffe * Megan and Karl Metzelaar * Alice and Dayna Rodger * Becky and Dave Dendler * Maryanne van Saders * Amy Shields * Leslie Hanson * Joan Mahon * Ken and Sebastian Hoffman * Jo Ann and Peter Watson* Christina and Hunter Wilson* Samantha Naulty * Jack and Phebe Bishop * Wendy and Molly Cotter* Samuel Thompson * Jeanne Balsam * Lauren Catalano * Stephen Pruzick * Paulette and Sharielle Lawrence-Cadet


Thank you to our wonderful volunteer bakers who once again brought crowds to the bake tent buying your goodies!


Loren Spiotta-DiMare * Diana Tuorto * Dr. Christina Watson - Califon Animal Hospital * Jennifer Wenzel / Rein Photography * Pony Tails 4-H club - tack sale, trailer display and sand art * Jubal's Troop 4-H Horse Club * Equine Kneads Massage Colleen McDonald and Kerrie Albert * The Frey Family (pumpkins) * A Little Pet Vet donated Enjoy Yums * Massages by Mary Lou Randolph * Sue Voorhees of Arbonne Swiss Skin Care Products * Horse Duds and Suds LLC * Rae Tamashausky Oxford Earthen Ware * Kris Amels jewelry * Colalillo ShopRites * Thank you to all those who donated items for the Lost Treasure tables!

Company Donors to our Silent Auction

Medieval Times * Yards Creek Soaring * Shelter Helpers on Wheels (Joan Mahon) * Lynn’s Home Décor and Gifts * NJ Jackals/Floyd Hall Enterprises, LLC * Montclair Art Museum * Grain House Restaurant * Brinker International * Twinings Tea * State Theatre of NJ * The Shakespeare Theatre * Cracker Barrel * Merle Norman Cosmetic Studio

Individual Donors to our Silent Auction

Deb Reisinger * Kimberly Lucci * Heidi Strobel * Pat and Martha Wells * Kelly Conklin * Lorraine Flynn * LaSusa Family * Joanne Marcus * Kathy Stanwood * Emily Lloyd * Sandra Arden * Dorothy Rae Tamashausky * Joanne Friedman * Tracy Botros * Cynthia Barkman * Patty Colburn * Judy Kalapay * Tammi and Steve Capra * Jill Whiesell * Kathy Packo * Nancy Kembel * Karen Fox and Rosie * Pat and Ethel Schaal * Rachel Gates-Smith * Hunter Wilson * Pat Colbert * Bart Potenza * Joanne Aswell * Adele Pfenninger * Diane Lettiere and Blackie * Angie Peer * Sue Iaccarino * Becky Dendlar * Diana Tuorto * Jen Wenzel * Megan Metzelaar * Sue Voorhees * Dolores Hayden


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