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Mylestone vet, Dr. Christina Watson, along with fiance, Hunter Wilson, offered a new attraction to Open House visitors - Ask the Vet.

This year Mylestone had a new attraction, thanks to our devoted veterinarian, Dr. Christina Watson. She set up an area in the barn, called "Ask the Vet" and had on display X-rays of actual Mylestone horses, some of the teeth that had been extracted from our residents, Linus' curled hooves, as well as the bones of a horse leg --- all aids to help visitors understand what goes in to treating a horse medically. Dr. Watson happily offered her expertise on any veterinary questions people had for her.

Dr. Watson's father, Peter Watson, a horseman himself, was also on hand to help, and managed to have Teddy in utter relaxation within minutes of his gentle attention to him.

Ginger, not always the friendliest horse at Open House, seemed to have a change of heart this year, and was clearly enjoying attention from our guests.

Our Silent Auction was packed with baskets, artwork and gifts of every kind, and, as always, was a big success.

Jubal's Troop 4-H Horse Club made a very creative display to help the horses.

Jubal's Troop 4-H Horse Club helped Mylestone by asking visitors to take a chance and guess the items in a jar of goodies, with proceeds going to Mylestone. In addition to these generous and creative youngsters, there were kids selling pumpkins, doing face painting and more to help the horses.

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