Ginger, a Starved Mare, Rescued!

Mylestone received a plea from a local animal control officer for help with a starved mare. We were full, but quickly made room to take her, knowing that without prompt action, she would surely die. She is part of an ongoing cruelty case investigation. Ginger is about 20 years old, is 15.1 hands high and a walking skeleton . She only weighs 680 lbs. and she needs to gain over 350 pounds. Ginger is very sweet and craves attention. We are currently feeding her small meals eight times a day. She needs major dental work and has a heart murmur. We are hoping she will pull through. She has a long road to recovery. Mylestone is asking for your generous support which is vital in helping with Gingerís long term rehabilitation. Thank you.

These close-ups show how emaciated Ginger was when she arrived.





Update on Ginger

In the 6 months since Ginger came to Mylestone she has gained 225 lbs. She is doing very well but still needs to gain another 75 lbs.

To see how beautiful she has become, take a look at Ginger today!


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