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Spring 2018

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One of the most beautiful sights you could imagine is the farm after a snowfall. The farm is still, the sun glistens off the new fallen snow, and we take in the beauty of mother nature. Then reality hits – there is a lot of work to get done and starting to feed breakfast is a priority! Then there’s snow plowing and shoveling to be done just to reach the horses after some storms. For example, this last storm, just after late night feeding, Bruce was out plowing the drive way and making paths to get to the horses easily until after midnight, and his morning alarm goes off at 4 am.

Frozen water buckets and hungry horses calling out for their meals - this is life on a farm. And it’s why we are looking for some new volunteers to join our existing bunch of dedicated volunteers - to help with the many chores that need to be done to keep the farm running and the horses well-taken care of. Yes, it can be hard work at times, but the rewards are great, and every horse here will be quick to thank you for whatever meal you feed them, an extra treat, a walk to their paddock, etc. With the warmer weather finally on its way, it’s the perfect time to volunteer a bit of your time and make a difference to horses that truly need you. If the physical work is too much, please consider being an event volunteer and helping us with our large events during the year. You can also consider doing events on your own to raise money for the horses – hold a yard sale, bake sale, collect items from our wish list, or help us get items for our silent auctions. There are many ways to help the horses! Please contact us if interested.

What can you do to help today? Make a donation for Help a Horse Day and your generous gift is doubled up to $10,000!!!

Take care, Susankelly


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