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Spring 2017

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We are thankful this winter has not been too terrible on the farm. We have not broken as many water buckets this year cracking the ice out of them. However several of the horses have managed to destroy their blankets; Casey (right) is on his third blanket of the winter so far, Holly is on her second blanket, and so on. We will definitely need to buy some more waterproof blankets before the year is up. We are happy to have the rain versus the snow, but with the rain has come lots of mud. The horses love to roll in the mud, so grooming is a challenge.

I have been getting many calls on horses needing homes and it is not easy to find them. Many of the horses we’re called on are older with medical problems which makes them hard to place. While we plan to help more horses here in the future, we wanted to get through the winter because we have been short help and the cold weather is a challenge in the best of circumstances. Our first responsibility is to the horses here in our care. We have made some changes with paddocks, expanded areas, and moved some of the horses around. As they get older, the horses need change and we are constantly trying to accommodate those needs.

We are heading into spring with our first major fundraiser, so please support our efforts for Help a Horse Day on 4/22 at Horsemen’s Outlet. If you can’t make it, you can send a donation and mark in the memo “HaHD” and it will count towards our event. We are trying to win another grant for the rescue horses and promoting our efforts with the Equine Relief Fund. Thank you for your continued support of Mylestone.

Hope to see you at Help A Horse Day!


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