My Side of the Fence

Spring 2021

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After this snowy winter we are looking forward to the warm sunshine of spring and hints of green blossoming around us. The horses will be happy to have their winter blankets off.

Hard to believe a year of dealing with the pandemic has gone by. Our world on the farm has stayed small; our focus is on insuring the horsesí daily needs are met no matter what the weather.

We had a rough two weeks in February with Scout becoming very ill and Casey colicking. We were up around the clock in the bitter cold and the vets were here regularly. It was a challenge getting Scout, who weighs roughly 2000 pounds, up and walking when he just wanted to lay down. Scout is rarely ever sick, but he was ill for about 5 days. Several other horses had issues as well, but thankfully, we were able to pull them all through it. Scout was soon back to his playful self, banging his stall door looking for food.

Throughout this past year my youngest son, Austin, and I have also been volunteering at our local food pantry to ensure that those in need of food are helped. We make up bags of food every week for the other volunteers to hand out on Wednesday mornings. Our horses are fed 4 meals a day and it bothered us to think that there were people around us who didnít have enough food for 2 or 3 meals, so Austin and I have kept busy balancing the farm and the food pantry.

We are hoping spring will be a quiet transition because in just February alone we spent a quarter of our annual budget for vet bills. We also lost several monthly sponsors for the horses. This is why your continued support is so important to us, especially with the $10,000 match opportunity. Large or small, we appreciate all donations - please help us meet our match! Thank you.

Stay well and enjoy the warmer weather,


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