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Holiday 2017

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I am proud of what we have been able to accomplish this year with our Equine Relief Fund. We helped over 70 horses from rescue groups all over the country, including mustangs that had been destined for slaughter, as well as several private owners in great need of grain, hay, vet care, including castration, coggins testing, humane euthanasia expenses, vaccines, emergency vet bills, etc. During the aftermath of several hurricanes we were able to send funds to 3 equine rescue groups in Texas and 3 equine rescues in Florida to help with urgently needed hay and grain, trailering expenses, and vet care.

We work so hard behind the scenes and the everyday goings-on at the farm to help horses in need. We are very thankful for a grant given to the Equine Relief Fund. The donations for the Relief Fund are used solely to help other horses in need, not our horses on the farm. We also thank everyone who donated to the Equine Relief Fund this year because we were able to accomplish a great deal! If you would like to support this fund, you can read more at under How to Help and find details to donate online or by mail.

We also recently placed two horses we had received calls on by their owners in great need of placement. I am happy to report both are doing well in their new homes. Of course, we are always committed to provide for our horses here on the farm. I don’t think people realize how deep that commitment runs, because many of our horses have been here for a long time, and we’ve been unable to place them. Cleo has now been in our care for over 22 years; Scout for 19 years; Madeline, 17 years; and the majority of our other rescues have been with us over 10 years now.

We count on your continued support to provide sanctuary for these horses for the remainder of their lives. It is a very expensive undertaking and we greatly appreciate the donations you set aside to help our horses.

Wishing you a very Happy and Healthy Holiday Season
from all of us here at Mylestone Equine Rescue!

- Susankelly



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