My Side of the Fence

Holiday 2019

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This year was full of transitions; we lost devoted volunteers - several moved away, others due to medical issues and job changes had to stop coming to the farm; we lost devoted and longtime donors. Change is never easy but it is a part of life whether we like it or not. It opens new doors and opportunities, but we shed many tears, as well.

This year we were blessed by the generosity of many and we thank you. Our Equine Relief Fund gave out over $25,000 to help other rescue horses all over the country. We paid for castrations of several neglected stallions; now they have a chance to be adopted into good homes. We helped with the vet bills for a large scale rescue involving over 30 horses. We were able to help other rescue groups with urgent rescue cases they took in needing immediate vet and farrier care. We were able to help other groups purchase hay and grain for their rescue horses. It was so wonderful to be able to make these kinds of transformations outside of what we do daily on the farm.

We are limited on how many horses we can take in here, but that limit doesn’t stop us from making a difference beyond our fences to other horses in need. We wish you a blessed Holiday Season and thank you so much for your continued support of Mylestone Equine Rescue!

- Susankelly



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