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Fall 2017

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We are gearing up for our annual Open House and hope you can make it to support our efforts. We have welcomed Tyler and Dex this year. We are waiting to see if another horse we recently placed through networking will work out in his new home. If he doesnít, we have agreed to take him, because his current owner was unable to keep him and his living conditions were dangerous.

For many non-profits the summer months are challenging because donations slow down. In speaking to other equine rescues they tell us they are finding it more difficult to raise funds this year than in past years. We have to work harder to raise funds to provide long term support for the horses and ponies in our care. We have been getting many calls from owners needing to place their horses, the majority of whom are dealing with financial issues. Companion homes are extremely hard to come by as many people seem to be downsizing, not taking on more horses. Horses have a long lifespan overall and one must be prepared for this commitment. This means to not only be responsible to them in their lives, but also in their deaths. They canít fend for themselves and older horses do require a lot more care. This can be costly.

Our Equine Relief Fund has been helping with various forms of support including castrations, medication, coggins tests, vaccines, vet bills, hay, and many bags of grain. Your support helps not only the rescues horses here in our care, but horses in need from far and wide all over the United States. Your donations make a huge difference and we greatly appreciate your continued support.

Take care, and we look forward to seeing you at Open House!




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