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Holiday 2021

As we close on another year, we are grateful to our supporters, whose generous donations allow us to continue caring for the rescue horses. We are proud of the work we have been able to accomplish with the Equine Relief Fund this year, helping over 1,000 horses from all over the country with various needs. We have been challenged to return to a more normal existence with COVID, and are thankful that several of our volunteers have returned, but we still remain at two-thirds the number we had pre-COVID. We have welcomed a few new volunteers this year who we are happy to have along with our group of dedicated longtime volunteers.

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Summer 2021

From left to right, Cloudy, Yaz, Phebe, Marley, Emmett, and Tucker waiting for dinner.

The horses have kept us very busy. With an aging population, and many dealing with chronic medical issues, we have incurred over $30,000 in vet bills so far this year. These major medical issues completely took us off guard, as our vet bill budget for the year is typically around $35-$40k a year. Cloudy was just recently very sick with two tick-borne illnesses, and the vets were here daily at the farm for over a week treating him as he had very high fevers. We continue to closely monitor his condition

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Spring 2021

After this snowy winter we are looking forward to the warm sunshine of spring and hints of green blossoming around us. The horses will be happy to have their winter blankets off.

Hard to believe a year of dealing with the pandemic has gone by. Our world on the farm has stayed small; our focus is on insuring the horsesí daily needs are met no matter what the weather.

We had a rough two weeks in February with Scout becoming very ill and Casey colicking. We were up around the clock in the bitter cold and the vets were here regularly. It was a challenge getting Scout, who weighs roughly 2000 pounds, up and walking when he just wanted to lay down.

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Mylestone News

Read about our Equine Relief Fund and how Mylestone is helping horses in need beyond the farm. ..

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