Dillon Interviews Shadow

In response to so many of you inquiring, Dillon has conducted his first interview this Spring, 2006 with Shadow, one of our rescues who was in a lot of pain and pretty bad shape..

How is Shadow doing? We know he wasnít in great shape when he arrived. Is he better now?
- The many people whoíve asked

Weíre all happy that so many of you have asked about Shadow, but no one is happier than Shadow himself, so I thought maybe youíd like to hear it straight from the horseís mouth.

Dillon - Hey, Shadow, itís me, Dillon. I know you canít see me, but I understand your hearing is very acute. Is that true?

Shadow - Yes, it is. I really canít see much of anything, but I listen very carefully to whatís around me. I know many familiar human voices, and sometimes some I donít know. I know the barks of the dogs, and I can recognize the different voices of the horses around me.
A much healthier Shadow chats with DillonD - Is it strange not to see?
S - Yes, but Iím adjusting ... most of my life I had sight, so Iím learning to rely on my other senses. But whatís most important to me, is that my eyes are no longer in terrible pain like they were when I first came. Susankelly treated me daily by putting ointment in my eyes, and although it frightened me at first, I began to feel better and realized they only wanted to help.
D - What was your life like before you came to Mylestone?
S - I donít really want to talk about it much. It was an empty and painful life where I was worked hard and was treated harshly. Occasionally someone nice would be in my life, but mostly it was abuse and pain. And then they were going to take me to be killed. Thankfully, Marge rescued me for Mylestone to take me in.
D - I know about abuse, Shadow. Iím glad youíre here now. How do you like it so far?
S - This is the best life Iíve ever known. I have my own little area here next to Pioneer, which is always mucked out so I donít ever have to stand in manure like before. I always have fresh hay and water, and I even get treats. I weigh what Iím supposed to, and I feel really healthy. And Iím brushed and clean except for when I just have to roll around in the dirt. But the best? People really like me here. Susankelly ... I know she loves me. When she comes in my little paddock, I can smell her and I like to follow her around. Iíd go anywhere she wanted if she just stays with me. She often gives me treats. But other people, including my friend Darla, do, too ... itís all pretty amazing. I tend to stay by my little barn if I hear a lot of voices I donít know, but now I happily come to the people I hear every day. I donít know what I did to deserve coming here, but I sure got lucky.
D - Is there anything else youíd like to add?
S - Yes ... I like hearing that people care about me and sponsor me. It makes me feel very special. Thereís also someone new not far from me ... sheís little, I can tell, even though I canít see her. She was so very frightened and lonely when she came, and I hear people call her Lizzy. Sheís starting to feel better, but she could really use some friends, too.
D - Thanks for talking with me, Shadow, and sharing with Mylestoneís readers. Even though you canít see, I think you see things pretty well.

- Your devoted correspondent, Dillon
p.s. And donít forget to write me!! `Til next time ....


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