In Appreciation

Thanks for everything!!

Thank You's

  • Donors and Sponsors
  • Devoted Volunteers
  • Califon Animal Hospital - Dr. Mary Beth Hamorski
  • Equine Dentists Bill Schultze, Jim Edwards, Brian Shaw and Dianne Frack
  • Farriers Todd Huber, David Delli Santi
  • Horsemenís Outlet for their continued support
  • A special thanks to all those who have donated items, hay, grain, blankets, supplies, etc. to help the horses. Your generosity is very much appreciated!

    Special Thank You's

  • We are grateful for the donations of hay from Jennifer Mertens.
  • Thank you to everyone who donated items from our Amazon Wish List, especially Cheryl Hopson Devine who truly went above and beyond in her generosity.
  • Covered Bridge Trail Association for their generous donation.
  • Barbara Hornstra for her generous donation of artwork.
  • The Readington Trail Association for their generous donation.
  • Katherine Steenberg for her generous donation to the Mylestone horses.
  • Thank you to the Sugarplum Pony Bakery for their delicious horse treats.
  • Thank you again to the Sussex County Pony Express 4-H group for their generous donation..
  • Thank you to all our volunteers that helped us with selling Gertrude Hawk Chocolate bars to benefit the horses; it was a very successful fundraiser!
  • If we have accidentally omitted anyone, please accept our apologies - we are so very grateful for all you do for the horses!


    Mylestone News

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