In Appreciation

Thanks for the hay and every way you help us!

Thank You's

  • Donors and Sponsors
  • Devoted Volunteers
  • Califon Animal Hospital - Dr. Mary Beth Hamorski
  • Mid-Atlantic Equine Medical Center
  • Equine Dentists Bill Schultze, Jim Edwards, Brian Shaw and Dianne Frack
  • Farriers Todd Huber, David Delli Santi
  • Horsemenís Outlet for their continued support
  • A special thanks to all those who have donated items, hay, grain, blankets, supplies, etc. to help the horses. Your generosity is very much appreciated!

    Special Thank You's

  • To everyone who participated in making our Help a Horse Day event such a huge success! We are so grateful.
  • To Maria Buniva who organized a terrific fundraiser at the Clinton Public School for Help A Horse Day. Maria first had 4th and 5th grade students make morning announcements and create posters advertising the fund raiser. Maria then spoke to the group about the Mylestone horses they'd be helping and showed photos. Fellow teachers, Lisa Rizzi and Judy Liptak, plus student Amanda Rizzi, helped with the event called Paint to Help the Horses. About 40 students from 1st through 7th grade participated. Maria demonstrated and showed a model of the painting students created a painting that they could take home. Snacks and a drink were also provided. Together with some generous donations, Maria and the students raised $500 for Help A Horse Day!

    If we have accidentally omitted anyone, please accept our apologies - we are so very grateful for all you do for the horses!


    Mylestone News


    Help A Horse Day Exceeded Our Expectations ...

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