My Side of the Fence

Summer 2021

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From left to right, Cloudy, Yaz, Phebe, Marley, Emmett, and Tucker waiting for dinner.

The horses have kept us very busy. With an aging population, and many dealing with chronic medical issues, we have incurred over $30,000 in vet bills so far this year. These major medical issues completely took us off guard, as our vet bill budget for the year is typically around $35-$40k a year. Cloudy was just recently very sick with two tick-borne illnesses, and the vets were here daily at the farm for over a week treating him as he had very high fevers. We continue to closely monitor his condition

Covid has radically changed so much in our lives, and the farm is no different. While we have not had as many volunteers return as we had hoped, we are extremely grateful to those that have stuck with us and returned to help the horses. We are grateful to our small staff that helps Bruce and I care for the horses daily. We are accepting new volunteers again, but you must be able to commit to volunteering once a week. There are constant day to day changes, and if you arenít here on a regular basis, it is hard to keep up.

We do hope to start tours again soon. It is a matter of coordinating coverage for the horses so Bruce and I can do the tours. We are offering tours to our sponsors and donors first before the general public. You can call or email for more details. Unfortunately, we donít have events planned for the summer other than a Facebook fundraiser in August. We just donít have enough help to pull off events at this time, and we hope this will soon change. This is why we have a short version of our summer newsletter, four pages instead of six.

I have continued working with Mylestoneís Equine Relief Fund to help other rescues in need. We are excited about our next project with Fleet of Angels, and will have upcoming photos in the next newsletter. We are working on helping to better the lives of the wild horses out west. I am so excited to be a part of making a difference to these iconic horses.

Thank you again for your continued support of the Mylestone horses and our efforts during these unprecedented times. We are so thankful, truly.

Take good care and stay well,


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