My Side of the Fence

Summer 2020

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How our world has drastically changed in such a few short months as we still come to terms with COVID-19!

To the horses, nothing has changed. They expect to be fed 4 times a day, turned out, have clean stalls, and their normal routine day after day. As for Bruce and I, we are thankful the pandemic didnít occur in the winter months when we manage the farm without the help of most of our volunteers.

Slowly, as New Jersey has begun to open back up, some of our volunteers are returning. We are grateful for the help from our devoted staff and volunteers. At this time we donít know when we can resume tours. We miss the students coming for the grooming program, and donít know if they will be able to return this fall or not. So much of our lives is in flux but our focus is on the horses and meeting their needs.

We know many of you may be struggling in this uncertainty as are we with our fundraisers and events cancelled. You have helped us to make a difference in the lives of our rescue horses. For example, Logan came to us terribly abused, afraid of everything, and has come such a long way. He hangs his head over his stall door looking for attention now. Tango and Marley, once starved and mentally beaten down, look wonderful. Starry Night and Casper are thriving after being rescued last summer. The horses are so fortunate to have your support and dedication -- you have made it possible for us give them a second chance. Thank you!

Take good care and stay well,


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