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Summer 2017

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These months have been busy; we have been inundated with calls for horses needing homes. The majority of the calls are for horses that have medical issues and are older which make them very difficult to place. I will be honest -- it has been very hard. People have been down right nasty to me when I explain we canít take their horses. Several people have had the financial resources to provide for their horses but just donít want to. Or the situations are such where the horse really needs to be put down because of serious medical issues and old age. In several cases it would have been unfair to move horses as they had never been on a trailer before and are well into their 30ís. I do the best I can to give people options, but it really can be challenging. Many people really need to have quality of life discussions with their vets. One woman told us her vet told her to send her pony to the auction. How disheartening is that! We have continued to help where we can with the Equine Relief Fund, such as buying grain for a group of horses involved in a large cruelty case. We are working on another neglect case and trying to help three horses we recently saw that need homes.

We keep very busy here caring for all the Mylestone horses and they are our first priority. Many have medical issues we have to tend to daily and monitor. What space we do have is truly limited because so many of our rescue horses canít go out together. We want to be able to help those horses that need us the most and really have no other option.

As Open House approaches we are in need for people to create and donate baskets or sponsor them. Details on opposite page and thank you!

We are grateful for the new volunteers that have joined us on the farm. As peopleís lives change - they move, change jobs or other circumstances occur - we lose some of our valued volunteers, but we always appreciate all their help with caring for the horses for however long they are with us, and wish them well.



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