Ezra Mourned by Mylestone

We are devastated to share with you that we lost Ezra to a horrible bout of colic. This sweet boy was at our foster home in PA with friend Susan.

Ezra was rescued from an auction, saved from going to slaughter. He had been an Amish buggy horse, and was very timid after being purchased. Susan worked with him daily and slowly he blossomed into a wonderful, sweet horse. We were so pleased with his progress, and really felt he could find a home once he got some training under saddle.

A friend of Susan's offered to take Ezra to a clinic to be trained with a professional, but sadly, two weeks before he was to leave, Susan called, panicked to say Ezra was colicking badly. After talking with the vets, we had no other choice but to have Ezra humanely euthanized. His intestines had mostly likely twisted and he needed surgery which can cost upwards of $6,000 with a guarded prognosis, and this is just not an expense we could take on.

Ezra's passing is tragic because he was so young, but he was lucky enough to know love and compassion until the end. Thank you Susan for all you did for him. And a very special thank you to the Mariani Family who covered all of Ezra's expenses while he was with us. Ezra was loved by many.

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