Partly Cloudy Brings Ray of Sun to Mylestone

Partly Cloudy is our latest addition to the farm; he is about 10-12 years old and a large pony. His owner was under 18 and contacted us for help because her mother was taking him to the auction. This young owner’s unplanned circumstances made it impossible for her to keep him. They couldn't sell Cloudy because two people had fallen off of him and gotten hurt.

The vet felt he had a pinched nerve in his neck but they couldn't afford further vet bills. I wanted to help this young owner as she was trying to do the right thing by sparing his life. When they brought him to our farm the mother said they were having money trouble. Cloudy was thin and his hooves hadn't been trimmed in a long time. He had been abused in the past but we do not believe by these owners. He was branded on his right shoulder long ago, so he obviously was not treated kindly early in his life. He has enlarged muscles and arthritis in his neck on the same side as the brand. He carries his head a certain way and you are aware that when he turns he doesn't bend his neck.

Cloudy, at right, when he first arrived at Mylestone, quite thin and looking poorly.

Cloudy was nervous when he first came and had some stomach issues that we are still working with. He has a malabosrbtion problem, and his manure is loose. We have him on special supplements and while he has improved, it is an issue we have to keep an eye on daily.

Cloudy is a complex and smart horse. I think of him like an onion with a lot of layers we have to peel away to understand him and to earn his trust. He likes some people more than others. Since he sleeps in a shed over by our house at night, I frequently go out late and talk to him. I give him a treat to help build trust. (Of course, all the other horses by our house make out well with treats, too, because of Cloudy.)

Cloudy has really blossomed; he has gained all his weight back now, filled out, and seems more content. It is most evident to many of the volunteers who have watched his transformation. I am thankful we could help him and his young owner. Now he just needs you. Please sponsor Cloudy and brighten his day or donate towards his care. You can also learn more about him on his profile page.