Centenary College Students Get A+ for Helping

Centenary students get an A+ for helping the Mylestone horses! Under the instruction of Sarah Marchese, the students not only fundraised for the horses but helped on the farm. The students held a car wash which raised over $800. They also held "Centenary Idol 2009" at the college, another fundraiser, which was a hilarious take-off of American Idol. They had some great singing voices and four of us attended from Mylestone.

Above right - bathtime! Apache and Pioneer getting all cleaned up.

Apache getting the finishing touches to his spa day. You can see just a small portion of his coat which was thoroughly brushed out to the lower right.

We held two tours at the farm for the students to visit the horses and learn about their stories. Many didn't realize how prevalent horse abuse was. The students then helped with picking fields and general spring cleaning around the farm. Both Apache and Pioneer benefited from baths. Apache was so white when the sun shone on him it caused sun glare ... until he rolled in the dirt.

Pioneer - the girls made him handsome right down to the tip of his tail!

They were a great help and we thank the students and Sarah for all their efforts for helping Mylestone. We look forward to seeing you again next year!














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