Joint Effort Rescues Buddy from Neglect

Saving Buddy, a little 2 year old stud pony, from a life of misery was a collaborate effort by Colleen Mc Donald from Equine Kneads Massage Therapy, Lisa Post from Helping Hearts Equine Rescue and Mylestone Equine Rescue.

Lisa and Susankelly spoke about trying to rescue a neglected pony who was being kept tied in a stall, living in filth for weeks unable to go outside at all. Mylestone was full with an impending SPCA case coming in shortly. Lisa offered to take in Buddy with the hopes of placing him quickly. Colleen and her boyfriend Tommy, purchased and then rescued Buddy out of a hack stable in northern New Jersey. Colleen generously donated her time to trailer him down to Lisa Post's farm. Mylestone is paying for Buddy to be gelded, (castrated), and other costs related to his rescue.

We hope Buddy has a bright future ahead with a new home. This is another example of what rescue organizations and devoted horse people can accomplish when working together to save the lives of horses!

Unknown to many supporters of Mylestone is the amount of time spent on helping horses that never come to the farm. Helping beleaguered owners find ways to keep their horses or offering them different options is just one service Mylestone provides. Assisting horses in need find other placements is another. Hours are spent daily helping horses find options when all hope seems gone. Please make a donation today - support Mylestone's efforts in saving the horses whose stories never make the web site, never make the newsletter.

7/1/09 - Update! Mylestone received the following update and photos from Lisa from Helping Hearts Equine Rescue:
Hi SK,
Thought I'd send you some updated photos of the little guy--took them yesterday. He's healed up from his gelding, has had all his spring shots and Coggins pulled. He seems to be about 13.2 hh, maybe a tad taller (was afraid of the stick!). Has a gorgeous shine, needs a bit of weight, w/the neck still being a bit thin, but it has a nice arch to it, he's going to be beautiful when he fills out all the way. AND, has a floating trot--added him to a group yesterday and he and my 3 yr old Friesian buddied up.

How wonderful it is to see such progress and know Mylestone has been a part of it! Why not be a part of Mylestone and help support such succesful rescues. Donate today!