Ani-Pals Visits Mylestone

Andreina, Catherine F., Maria and Catherine A. meet Tommy Two-Tone.

On April 23, the Ani-Pals Club of Hackensack High School came down to visit Mylestone to meet the rescued horses and learn firsthand what MER is all about. The group of teenagers meets every Monday after school to learn about animal welfare issues and take action on the behalf of animal causes they support. Because the group's founder, Barbara Caruso, sponsors Blaze, they were motivated to learn more about equine welfare issues. As a result, the group elected to visit the farm for their annual field trip.

Accompanied by Cindi Ortiz, HHS Librarian and co-advisor of the club with Miss Caruso for the last 3 years, the students were given a tour of the farm by Susankelly. (See photo, right.) They met the Mylestone horses and ponies, and learned about their histories, their daily life on the farm and what's involved in caring for the horses. The students were impressed with how much time it takes to feed and care for all the horses each day, how much “clean up” is required, and they were very moved by many of the horse’s stories.

AniPals Club members with Blaze: L to R- Steven, SarahMae, April, Vanessa, Leynette, Madelyn, Carolina, Catherine F., Andreina, Catherine A., Blaze, Maria, Melissa, and Gregory

They were horrified to learn about pin-firing, (what was done to Ghost when a racer), shocked at how Linus had been neglected by his owners, touched by Madeline’s story of life on three good legs, and were thrilled to be able to pet some of the horses, feed them handfuls of grass, and be up close to them.

As members of Ani-Pals, the students write letters and sign petitions protesting animal abuses, and hold fundraisers to help abused and neglected animals. They are very thankful that Mylestone exists, and hope to raise funds for the horses or help with other donations in the future.

Teddy reaches out to say hello to Maria.

Mylestone was very happy to meet the Ani-Pals Club members as well, and is grateful for their compassion and concern about animals. It is only through loving and understanding animals when young that a difference can be made in their lives, and these students are clearly on the right track. Thanks to Ms. Ortiz and Miss Caruso for supporting and promoting a love of and concern for animals which will help the Ani-Pals members throughout their lives and will help the Mylestone horses as well.














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