Budding Chance Gets Second Chance at MER

Budding Chance, also known as Chance, is an older gelding whose owner had abandoned him at a stable and stopped paying for his care. He lived out in big herd of horses and was unable to get enough food. He became very thin. By law, the property owner is responsible for caring for horses boarded on their property regardless if they have been abandoned. Through the help of some caring horse lovers, Chance found his way to Mylestone.

Our vet estimated he needed to gain over 250 lbs. Chance was depressed when he came, and showed no real interest in the goings-on around him. It was very sad to see how happy he was just to have food again. Chance is the only starvation case we’ve had that used to sleep in or next to his food bucket. He rarely goes in his shed unless his hay is put in there; otherwise he stands near his food buckets and waits.

We became concerned that he wasn't really perking up, so we ran some blood work. It turned out that Chance was anemic, which is also correlated to ulcers. We decided to treat him for ulcers and see if he improved. Wow, what a change the medication made!

He is full of energy and will often try to trot alongside of us as he is turned out. We have tried him with other horses and initially he did not seem really happy. He paced the fence and stayed by the gate wanting to get out, perhaps remembering his past experiences. He likes being by himself. Despite his lack of interest in socializing with other horses, Chance loves people. He will nicker to everyone hoping you might have some food.

We feed Chance often while slowly trying to put weight back on him and this is showing improvement. As time has gone on, he has begun to show some acceptance of particular horses.

Dealing with starvation cases can present many challenges, one of them being food-aggressive or protective. Despite years of being fed regularly and knowing meals keep coming, some once-starved horses never get past being stressed at meal times. We have had behavioral issues crop up with Chance and we have to be careful. He can only be adopted to someone who has experienced horse knowledge and can work with his issues. If interested in adopting Chance, please contact us.

We are currently in need of sponsors and donations towards this handsome, 16 hands high boy. Please help us give our Budding Chance a second chance!














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