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Silas arrived at Mylestone under unusual circumstances. It is when we tell you the horses have their own plans here on the farm, that we watch small miracles happen. Silas finding a home here is just one example.

It was five days after Blue had passed away that we received a call late at night from a woman who said there was a loose horse in her front yard; she had seen him five hours earlier wandering around in the woods. My husband and my older son met the police at her house. My husband caught the horse and they put him in a local neighbor’s old corral for the night.

We called all over trying to find out who this tall, handsome chestnut was. It turned out that he was over a mile and a half from his home. He was being kept at a farm by himself. He was lonely and the fencing was falling down, so he easily got out and went roaming. Local neighbors had been buying food to feed him. He was in good shape overall, just lame from being loose for a while. When we were able to find them, his owners had no idea how long he had been gone. He was very lucky not to have been shot by a hunter or hit by a car.

His owner had a tragic situation to deal with and the place where was being kept, wouldn’t take him back. So this 17 hand Thoroughbred gelding with nowhere to go came to our farm, and was able to go into Blue’s area.

Had we gotten this call the weekend before, we wouldn’t have had room. The horses seem to have it figured out when there is another horse that is in need. When Blue moved on to Greener Pastures, he left the paddock gate open for Silas.

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