A Forever Home for Yaz

What A Difference A Year Makes!

These are the words of Debbie Lloyd, who after meeting Yaz at Mylestone in November 2007, adopted him one year later in November 2008. Debbie fell in love with the onetime Premarin foal rescued by Mylestone, a returned adoption with Lyme's disease and some lameness issues, but whose keen intelligence and lovable nature just begged for an adoring soul. And so, Debbie and Yaz began a yearlong venture of getting to know one another, she taking him on trial, working endlessly with him while he developed trust, and finally, with Debbie giving Yaz his forever home.

You can read Yaz's story, written by Debbie in our holiday newsletter. Below is Debbie's tribute to Yaz and her thanks to Mylestone. Thank you, Debbie.

Yazoo Blues (a premarin foal)

Sweet spotted boy
Created for science
Born medical waste
So many possibilities
thrown away
like trash.

by faithfilled souls
who saw the promise
in a sickly young foal.
Helped you grow
a fine strong man
Made wise
by fate
Made whole by

we wander
through wood
and fields
across the creek
over hills
Sharing the sun
and winter chill.

No fear
Just joy
of misty mornings
dancing corn
travelling geese
trees silhouette
against leaden sky.

Your warm sides
my beloved companion.

Debbie Lloyd, December 2008