Welcome Gem to Mylestone!

Gem is a wonderful older gelding who went lame and could no longer earn his keep as a lesson horse. He is about 25 years old and a Quarter Horse. At one time he did race. His recent situation was that he was being kept out in a large field with other horses and they bullied him. Over the past few months he lost a great deal of weight. He didn't even try to get the hay, but rather kept his distance from the other horses. In his current condition, he would never had survived going into winter 100 lbs under weight.

We offered to take him in, knowing his past history. He was very good to work with and we knew he’d be perfect with our special needs students who come to brush the horses. He is gentle and kind and just what these students need, someone to understand that we all need patience and love.










Gem is settling in at Mylestone well. We’d like to think he somehow knows that he will go into this winter with all the food he needs and no one to bully him about. It’s going to be a happy holiday for Gem. Won’t you please welcome him and make a donation to help with his care? Or, you can sponsor Gem, and he'll be quite happy!