PASS Kids Build Linus a Shed

PASS kids hard at work building the shed

The students and teachers from Phllipsburg Alternative High School come every other Friday to help on the farm. They are a great bunch of kids who help with various barn chores. One of their projects was to build Linus a shed that gave him some shade in his paddock for the summer months. They worked very hard and were very pleased with the outcome. We had no idea how much Linus would enjoy this shed. He is very content to be outside. He was able to stay out during the heat of the day in the summer under his shelter. We have winterized the shed recently so it now has sides to protect Linus from the cold winds during the daylight hours. We are grateful to the students for their hard work and devotion to the horses.

Some of the proud PASS kids with Linus and his new shed













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