Open House 2008 Enjoyed by A Crowd!

There were big ponies and there were little ponies, but one thing was for certain - record crowds came out to visit Mylestone's Annual Open House and meet some ponies this year! Very appreciative visitors came to see first hand what a wonderful jewel of a horse rescue works tirelessly in the Warren-Hunterdon area, helping horses in need. Many came for the first time, but all were impressed with the farm and the Mylestone rescues. Reading the stories posted at every paddock and looking at the `before' photos and then at the horses that stood before them, visitors were clearly touched by the remarkable progress of each and every horse.

It was a great day for the horses, and we want to thank all of you who came to visit at Open House, our many vendors who participated in the day, and all our volunteers who made Open House possible.

Ethan, at right above, one of the big ponies, and below, one row of the little ponies available for sale at the Mylestone merchandise table.

Mylestone's big bake sale, held every year at Open House, is a magnet for visitors all day long, who were helped by our smiling volunteers, Cheryl Kavka (l.) and Mickie Roman (r).

Mylestone volunteers bake their hearts out each year and `woman' the bake sale tent, all so our visitors can enjoy yummy homemade treats like these. It's been a rare occasion when the bake sale table hasn't sold out by the end of the day!

Peppermint Patty, pictured here, as well as her best buddies, Lucy and Apache, are always happy to meet and greet the visitors to Open House and be petted, patted, rubbed and scratched. Though all but sound asleep by the end of Open House, they are great ambassadors for the Mylestone horses and retire knowing it was a day they enjoyed.

We want to take a moment to thank all of our terrific volunteers without whom Open House would not be possible, as well as the many vendors and donors to our Silent auction for their wonderful contributions. We couldn't do it all without you! Please look at our list of everyone who helped.

If you've never been to the farm, you can take a quick look at Open House and the horses in a YouTube video made by one of our Open House guests.

More Open House story and photos.