Jiminy, Crippled Pony, Needs Your Help!

It would have been hard to say no to Jiminy Cricket. With a disposition that asks only to be loved and dark, gentle eyes, he is the type of pony that anyone would be happy to have ... except he is crippled. And that's how he came to Mylestone.

Jiminy Cricket, nicknamed Jiminy for short, had been at the New Holland auction. He was purchased by a man looking for a ridable pony. When he found Jiminy was crippled, it was his intention to send him back to New Holland, where slaughter would surely have been his fate. But instead, fate took a turn, and a kind woman rescued Jiminy from the man and asked for Mylestone's help.

Jiminy and Shadow hit it off immediately and became friends.

We couldn't say no, and accepted this loving 8 - 10 year old pony with everything to give, but a ride. Jiminy arrived at Mylestone in August. He has problems with two opposing legs/feet - his rear left and right front. It was not clear what the problems were when he arrived, as the only noticeable external signs are scarring on his rear left ankle.

Initial veterinary evaluations did not readily determine the problem, so Jiminy was set up to be X-rayed at the farm. These X-rays have not revealed any damage to Jiminy's bones, and it is therefore being assumed that his difficulties in walking are all due to soft-tissue damage.

When you meet Jiminy, and we hope you will at this year's Open House, it will be more than clear why we so wanted to give him a chance ... he simply deserves better than he's gotten so far. Please help us care for Jiminy and make him as comfortable as we possibly can. Your help is truly needed with this young fella. You can donate to his care through making a direct donation or sponsoring him. Either way will help Jiminy Cricket further along the road of mending, for which we are grateful.

Pictured, Jiminy being X-rayed by veterinarians from Califon Animal Hospital with the aid of on-site imaging capability from APF Imaging Corp of Palmer, MA.











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