Shadow Blind - But Sees Love at Mylestone

The infection in Shadow's eye is clearly visible in this photoWe were told that he was gong to be sent to the killers within the week if we didn’t take him. Only seven years old, blind, overworked as a hack horse, and about to be sent to New Holland auction where he would surely have faced slaughter ... this was our introduction to the horse we named Shadow.

No other rescue would take him, nor would animal control take him in. Shadow was living in 12” of manure, but that was the least of his problems. He suffered from moon blindness, which is extremely painful. Longstanding eye infections were never treated, and one eye appeared to be on the verge of rupturing. Clearly Shadow had been a victim of some kind of abuse as evidenced by numerous scars, including one across his entire left buttock. On top of this, the man proudly claimed he had gelded the horse himself; he had no remorse for this horse’s deplorable condition.

With no other prospects in sight for this young pony, Mylestone agreed to accept him; a compassionate family was willing to pay the owner the fee. Despite the fact that we don’t believe he was ever off his farm, he trailered like a gentleman, and seemed glad to arrive at Mylestone. We named him Shadow because he quickly became just that ... he wandered around behind me, Susankelly, whenever I was in his little paddock.

Shadow's body language when he arrived spoke of his sufferingOur vet checked him out and sadly, he is almost totally blind. Despite this, he is amazingly well adjusted. After his eyes were treated and the pain relieved, he became bright and alert. We are hoping perhaps the special needs kids that come from local schools can relate to his handicap and work with brushing him next year.

Shadow’s owner told the two devoted friends of Mylestone that were instrumental in saving him, that there are some bleeding heart horse rescues that save these creatures. Little does he know that Shadow is now here at Mylestone, safe and finally getting the care he was denied by this same man.

And so now, as I walk in his little paddock, Shadow follows me; I stop and he puts his head on my shoulder and blows in my hair. I wonder if he isn’t saying "thank you". Due to his blindness, caused by leptospirosis, (a cause of equine blindness), we anticipate Shadow will be a permanent resident with Mylestone. We hope you’ll be touched by his plight and consider sponsoring Shadow  or making a donation towards his care.

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