Blue's Progress

Blue has continued to gain weight, over 200 lbs. now, and done really well overall. This June, (2008), he had a set back with a bout of laminitis. He has the tell-tale signs of foundering in the past. He was very lame and Chris and Gil, our farriers, were here frequently trying options. We bought rubber mats for him to stand on in his paddock so Blue could be next to his buddy, Apache.


In the photos at left and below, you can clearly see the vast improvement in Blue's weight and overall condition.

A first set of X-rays did not show an abscess. We waited and I continued to soak and poultice his right front hoof daily but he got worse. We decided to X-ray again and discovered Blue now had a huge, deep, sub-solar abscess in his hoof . The vet was able to drain some of the pus. Since the abscess was so big it took several days of me soaking and poulticing the foot for it to finally drain out. Once the pressure was relieved, Blue began to walk better. I continue to daily put in a sugar-dyne solution to dry up his hoof and kill any remaining bacteria. After the solution goes on, then a gauze pad followed by a diaper, a sponge for frog support, vet wrap and duct tape.

In the beginning, Blue was not good with all this, and my older son would have to hold his leg for me. Blue finally realized we were helping him, and now stands quietly for us to treat him. This will be a long process to heal but we are hopeful he will recover from this episode. As you can see from his photos, Blue has come a far way from the emaciated boy that first arrived at Mylestone. Your generous support has truly changed Blue’s life! If you would like to be a part of his ongoing healing and return to health, please sponsor Blue.

Read about Blue and check out additional photos when he first arrived at Mylestone a year ago! At right is just one shot of Blue when we first rescued him and he came to the farm.