Meet Lena, Our Latest Rescued Star

Lena was first rescued at the beginning of May, and remained at a friend’s farm in PA for quarantine. She is a TB mare, 20+ years old with a lovely star on her face. She raced and then was later used for many years as a riding horse at a recreation facility in PA. She was either then sold or given away to someone who starved her and then traded her to a dealer who would have taken her to auction.

Above, Lena, when she was initially rescued. Below left, shortly after she came to Mylestone in early June.

Lena joined Mylestone in early June and was in need of gaining 250-300 pounds. She was treated for a skin fungus, but other than that our vet felt she was in decent shape. She continues to improve and enjoy her 8 meals a day, which she gobbles down, and has put on a very noticeable amount of weight. (See photos.)

Lena is very sweet and kind. She hangs her head over her stall door just waiting for someone to come along and pet her. Lena loves to be brushed. We initially introduced her to Wyatt who had lost his buddy, Bobbie, not long ago. Lena squealed and made a fuss, so we saw that would not work!

Although very sweet, Lena clearly has quite a spunky side. We have been trying to introduce her into a small herd of horses but she is proving to be a challenge. She is quite a flirt with the older geldings and really bucks and strikes out. So we are still trying different options, as she may be too much for the older geldings to handle.

Lena not even one month later and after treatment and care at Mylestone!

Lena is being tended to by loving volunteers, and frequently hangs her head out her stall door awaiting a friendly pat and TLC. Lena is in great need of sponsors and donations towards her care. Won’t you help this sweet girl who’s come so far? Please make a donation to help Lena or sponsor her - thank you so much!