Bobbie Missed by All at Mylestone

It was with great sadness that Mylestone had to put our Bobbie down. Those who spent time on the farm knew that he had not been doing well and had had a bad weekend. He perked up Sunday night and Monday morning but started going down hill again. He was doing poorly overnight and it appeared that his pain meds weren't working well enough anymore. He was in horrible shape early Tuesday morning, and the vet thinks he may have ruptured his stomach. Our only choice was to spare him from any further suffering.

Bobbie at Open House 2007. He enjoyed all the attention he could get!

Bobbie was a sweet loving soul whose last year and a half at Mylestone was spent happy and content. He adored Wyatt and never wanted to be away from his friend for a moment. Since Bobbie is gone, Wyatt seems to be doing okay so far, though we are sure he realized Bobbie was gravely ill.

We will miss Bobbie's big floppy ears and funny nickers for food. We are especially thankful to one of our volunteers, Jen P., who loved him and fussed with him several days a week, so Bobbie felt like he had his own person. We love and miss you Bobbie ....

Read Bobbie's story when he first came to Mylestone. He came a far way from his first days.