New Pick-Up Thanks to Margrit McCrane Foundation

Hauling hay from a distance is now possible!

Dillon and Calvin along with some of the volunteers
and the Thompsons admiring the new pick-up truck .

BIG NEWS! Mylestone has been blessed with a very generous grant from the Margrit McCrane Foundation to purchase a new pickup truck. We have been using a 20 year old pickup truck that our wonderful neighbor has tried to keep going. It got to the point where fixing the truck was costing more than it was worth. Margrit approached Mylestone about our applying for a grant for something we could really use. We spoke about the great need for a truck. We never dreamed we would be able to buy a new work truck to get grain, hay and bedding for the horses. THANK YOU, Margrit, for this extremely generous donation!!!

If you would like to make a gift contribution to help the horses of Mylestone, please visit our Donations page for details, as well as our Wish List. Another way to help support Mylestone's horses is through sponsorships, whether for yourself or as gifts.













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