Update on Madeline

Many of you have asked how Madeline is doing ...

Madeline continues to amaze us despite her disabilities. She gets around best on three legs using her bad leg as a crutch when needed. She gets around easier by moving quickly, so when turning her out you have to walk quickly along with her. Madeline loves to go out and, amazingly enough, she will run and buck! She knows how to pace herself and will lay down several time during the day to give herself a break. She still lives for food! We have to make sure she doesn't get too fat. Our vets monitor her closely and we regularly trim her hooves under sedation. She is adored by the volunteers and visitors alike. Madeline continues to be an inspiration to all who meet her as her will to live and her indomitable spirit are undeniable.

And don't forget ... our Madeline NEVER gets tired of hearing that someone thought enough of her to sponsor her. Isn't she the sweetest? Why not sponsor Madeline today!

You can also order Madeline's life story in a children's book - read more about how to order Madeline's Miracle.