Welcome Blaze, A Rescued Cruelty Case

Blazen' Socks arrived to us by way of Gloucester County Animal Control. He was a cruelty case and was starved because his owner was not willing to properly care for him. He was taken into their care last fall.

Blaze has a severe sway back which makes him unridable -- a saddle could never fit comfortably on his deformed back. We do not know if he was previously being ridden. But the vets that have seen him all agree it would be cruel for him to used for anything other than a companion.

Despite their eforts, the animal control officers were unable to find Blaze a new home. One of NJ's state vets contacted us to see if we might help; the animal control officers were becoming desperate to find him a home because Blaze was taking their only space available to house another cruelty case.

Mylestone offered to take Blaze and provide him the home he so needed. He is a very cute 20+ year old gelding with an endearing personality that loves people. He is only about 14.2 hands high with some Arab in him. We were told that Blaze was a very low-key kind of fella, yet when we let him free, he began to gallop about, bucking and kicking with his hooves in the air. We like to think he was celebrating his arrival at Mylestone, where he somehow knows he will always be fed and loved.

Blaze when he was taken in by Gloucester County.

Many people don't realize Mylestone does not receive any funding from the state or county shelters when taking in their abuse cases. Therefore, we in turn must ask for your support to help with the care of our rescue horses. We are reaching out to you now to please help us with donations to care for Blaze. Please make Blaze feel welcome and donate today or sponsor him. Thank you!