Indy Mourned by Mylestone

With sadness we say `good bye' to another of our old timers. Indy had been with us for almost 10 years. He was not very adoptable because of so many medical problems, but despite his medical issues he remained a cheerful soul. He loved life and was stoic about pain.

He came to us with untreated Cushing's disease and had foundered many times. He required a lot of special care but he captured the hearts so many. He was one of the first horses many of our volunteers brushed, and was part of the program early on with the special needs kids.

As his brain tumor became worse we managed his changing needs. He was so happy when I would open his stall door and just let him loose. Since the barn is all fenced in Indy could wander around visiting the other horses and not get into too much trouble. He knew he was special since he was loose and the other horses were not.

His last days were filled with lots of apples, carrots and treats. A steady stream of people came to say `good bye' to him. The night before he was put down, I stayed with him. I let him out in one of the fields to graze, I fed him treats and told him what was happening in the morning. Indy left us quickly and peacefully but his spirit will forever be in our hearts.

- Susankelly

You can read more about Indy in Greener Pastures.













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