Mylestone's Wonderful 8th Annual Open House!

Welcome to Mylestone's 2007 Open House! If you attended our annual event, this was your entryway to a day of enjoyment, education and delight in meeting rescued horses and the people who make it possible.

If a major portion of the day could be summed up in one photo, this would be the one!

Teddy meets an enthusiastic youngsterEverywhere, all day long, hands - young and old, expreienced and first-timers - reached up and reached out to pat and pet appreciative Mylestone horses. While visitors learned about what Mylestone was all about, they had the opportunity of meeting, very close and personal, the reason Mylestone exists - our horses. It seemed the horses themselves couldn't get enough of the kind people who were clearly so happy to meet them!

Groomed to a tee, each of our residents happily leaned a face over their fence or stall to meet the people that make so much of our success possible ... you! We at Mylestone can't thank you enough - those of you who attended as well as those who let us know you wanted to - for making this a truly wonderful day. Your generosity touched us all.

We also want to thank all of our wonderful volunteers, without whom our horses would still be suffering in their former lives or who would have long ago been shipped off to auction. You make everything worth it! Please look at our complete list of everyone who helped - volunteers and Silent Auction Donors!

Please join us for a photo-review of some of the highlights of Open House 2007.

Ginger absolutely loved all the attention, and was more than happy to be offered a kiss!

For some visitors, meeting the horses was a new experience, but Tommy Two-Tone was more than willing to show what a nice bunch the Mylestone horses are.

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