Sadie and Roxie Rescued by Mylestone

Mylestone welcomed two mares, Sadie, a 31-year-old dark bay, retired Standardbred, and Roxie, a 28- year-old bay Arab in mid-August, an owner surrender. The owner was having financial issues. We wished she had reached out sooner for help, rather than slowly starving these mares. She told us they were not emaciated yet.

They have not had vet, farrier, or dental care in many years. We have slowly started re-feeding them extra meals. Sadie and Roxie had been alone for years and years, so it has been a big adjustment seeing all the horses here on the farm; however, they are very happy to see geldings again. We were able to get their front hooves trimmed and plan to do the back hooves in the coming weeks. They are so malnourished we are just taking things slow, baby steps with them as they settle in. They are extremely attached to one another.

Despite their advanced age, we hope we can help them recover from the years of neglect. The recovery for these older mares is going to take time. But they are full of life and happy to be at the farm and among other horses. They are so grateful to be fed regularly.

Please donate to their care and help them with their recovery. Thank you so much for your support for Sadie and Roxie!

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