Cookie Update! July 2022

Dr. Mary Beth, our vet, and Todd Huber, our farrier, review the latest X-ray just taken of Cookie’s left hoof. Scratching Cookie’s back is volunteer, Lois.

It’s hard to believe that Cookie has been with us a year. From the badly neglected and sickly pony she once was, she has truly made a remarkable transformation.

Our vet, Dr Mary Beth Hamorski, and farrier, Todd Huber, have worked diligently over the past year to correct Cookie’s neglected hooves. They have spent countless hours taking x-rays and carefully trimming her hooves. It has been quite a process and we were trimming her every 3 weeks at some point. Due to the extent of her neglect and a lack of vet and hoof care, Cookie has permanent damage to the bones in her hooves due to past untreated infections.

Cookie is wearing Cloud boots which can be purchased at Horsemen’s Outlet. Sarah, owner of Horsemen’s, recommended these boots for Cookie. They have worked wonderfully well.

Dr. Mary Beth and Todd are so pleased with how well she is coming along. She wears special slipper boots on her front hooves during the day, and then Bruce wraps them at night to keep them clean.

Despite all this wonderful improvement, Cookie still requires a great deal of daily care, all tended to by Bruce. She is young, about 14, and we wanted to give her the best opportunity we could at recovery and to live as normal a life as she can. She is such a good patient and so trusting. She adores people and, of course, she is very spoiled, but you can't help but love her. She is constantly nickering to us ... such a cutie, and she is very much a cookie monster. I crush her special treats into little pieces for her to make them last.

Cookie peeps into the feed room. "Is it lunch yet?"

Cookie has touched so many people. She is really amazing when you consider what she has endured. We don't mind spoiling her because she is so happy. This is what makes rescue so worth it.

Take a look at Cookie when she first arrived.


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