Lizzy Grazing in Greener Pastures

Losing Lizzy was heartbreaking for us. Her story of neglect was tragic, but her perseverance was amazing. How she withstood a bone infection from a severe case of founder that eventually ate away at her coffins bone as well as starvation and neglect was a source of amazement to us all. Lizzy had devoted volunteers, vets and our farrier, Gil, working with her trying to make her hoof better. They were successful in trimming her hoof to grow more normally and she got around well. We were able to keep her comfortable in a home made slipper boot on days when her hoof bothered her.

However these past 2 months we saw a decline in her overall condition. She had an issue with her liver and we could no longer control the bouts of laminitis. Lizzy was humanely put down, but her spirit is with us. She touched so many people with her kindness. She loved attention and would often lie down for a nap after being brushed. She was devoted to her horse friends, Patty, Lucy and Apache, her own little herd.

Diane, one of our board members who was particularly devoted to Lizzy, said it best, "We couldn't mend Lizzy's broken body, but I hope the love we gave was able to mend her broken heart."

Lizzy arrived at Mylestone in March, 2006 - please read her story to see how far she came in her time at Mylestone.













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