Match 2022 - How Your Donation Helps the Horses

How do you make a difference when you contribute to meet our match? Let us tell you ... and show you!!

Dr. Hamorski treating Lucy’s blocked tear duct, assisted by Lois.

Jackson needs special meds for his eye. Your helping us meet our match helps to save what little sight he has left.

  • You provide both routine and emergency veterinary care that keeps our horses healthy and that literally saves our rescue horses’ lives when care is urgently needed.
  • You provide farrier care and help our horses walk comfortably, sometimes for the first time in their lives.
  • Dave, our farrier, tends to Tango’s hooves while Lori holds him.

  • You provide the horses’ feed - the hay and grain they eat everyday, and sometimes the special feeds some require. And treats - yes, you make them happy with treats!
  • Livy’s a big girl with a big appetite. You help feed her!

    Gus playing with his jolly ball. Enrichments help keep our horses busy and entertained.

  • You provide funding through the Equine Relief Fund for horses beyond Mylestone’s fences ... horses dying of thirst out West, starvation cases helped by other rescues, and now, horses in dire need in the Ukraine.
  • You make more of a difference than you could possibly know. Thank you.
  • Ready to help us Meet Our Match? Find out how and donate!!!


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