Mylestone Rescues B.P., Starved TB Stallion

B.P. is a Thoroughbred stallion just rescued by Mylestone. He was born in New Jersey and he raced in New Jersey, but that was no assurance that he would not be starved and abused.

B.P. is a cruelty case the SPCA requested Mylestone to take. Because we cannot accommodate another stallion on the farm. B.P. is currently in foster care off the farm. Once he is healthy and has regained trust, we hope to send him to a retirement farm in Kentucky for ex-Thoroughbred race horses. It was difficult to even get a good photograph of B.P. due to his abuse and lack of handling for so long, as he was so shy of people.

It is currently costing Mylestone $350 per month to care for this starved horse. Your helping B.P. return to being the magnificent animal he once was and helping Mylestone with his care is greatly appreciated.

Follow-up on B.P. - Thanks to so many of you who extended your kindness and generosity in helping B.P. until we could find him a permanent placement. In Spring, 2008, B.P. was transferred to Old Friends Farm in Kentucky who only takes in retired Thoroughbred racehorses who are still stallions. He is doing well and continues to put on weight. Thanks also to ReRun and Laurie Lane who made it possible for Old Friends to give B.P. his home.

B.P. in a much improved condition prior to his being transferred to Old Friends in Kentucky.













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