Trick or Treat Fundraiser A Great Success!

We have many more items on order that are not included in this photo. Thank you so much for your generosity towards the horses!

Our Halloween Trick or Treat Fundraiser for the horses was a wonderful success! The horses got everything on their lists and then some. Thank you to everyone who participated! A special thanks to longtime volunteer Mary Holmes for creating the flyer for the fundraiser.

A ghost (identity to be revealed in the near future) appeared on Halloween ... ate some of the horse treats and disappeared! Thank goodness - and you! - for our fundraiser!

A few highlights from the Halloween fundraiser are as follows: the horses got 113 hoof trims for the next several months, 76 bags of grain, 16 pairs of shoes for the horses that need them, 18 new rain sheets and blankets (which is wonderful because now we can buy extras, as several of the horses rip them, and go through more than one blanket during the year), assorted medication, barn supplies as well as over 100 bags of assorted horse treats which will make the horses very happy! We are also very appreciative of all the monetary donations we received - thank you one and all!!


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