Thank You for Helping Us Meet Our Match

A big thank you to everyone who participated in our Help A Horse Day challenge. We are happy to report that we met our $10,000 match!

Mini Pearl told Jackson, and Jackson told someone ... and someone spread the word and it worked! We met our match!

We are extremely grateful to our very generous donor who offered Mylestone a grant up to $10,000, and to each of you who donated to match it. Mylestone has had extensive veterinary bills these last few months, and the funds generated will be a great help in keeping our horses in good health.

We are also extremely grateful to Horsemen's Outlet, one of Mylestone's most wonderful supporters, who held a special in-store event during the month of April for us for Help A Horse Day.

They put together a Giving Basket in which customers could purchase an item needed by the Mylestone horses. As a result, the rescue horses will be the recipients of 98 items valued at over $1,400! A big shout-out to both Horsemen's and their caring and generous patrons. You are all a bright light in the middle of some tough times, and we appreciate it.


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