Vet Care A Critical Expense for the Horses

One of the greatest expenses here at Mylestone ... and on any horse farm ... is veterinary care. Rarely are these expenses anticipated ... living creatures can get in all kinds of trouble, as you well know.

Featured here are just a few of the cases requiring recent veterinary services. In the month of February alone, Mylestone’s vet bills were $9,000. In March $10,000, which included Maggie's eye surgery.

Scout, above, who is rarely sick, was terribly ill for about 5 days. The vets were not able to provide a definitive diagnosis but suspected a virus that upset his stomach and caused him to go off his feed and feel colicky. We mainly provided him with supportive care. Above, the vet putting a tube into Scout’s nose and down into his stomach to check for reflux to make sure there wasn’t a stomach impaction. This was followed by giving him fluids.

Gus, at left, has had a wound on his left front leg for months now that isn’t healing as well as it should be. We kept it wrapped for a few months, and once healed, Gus didn’t have to wear the bandage. Soon the wound was forming granulated tissue again and the vet had to scrape off this tissue. Back to bandaging his leg again. Gus is a good patient. We are watching to see if Gus is banging the wound when he is playing with the other horses, affecting its ability to heal.

Emmett has chronic callouses on his knees because he doesn’t get up from lying down by pushing off from his hind legs and stretching his front legs in front of him. Instead, he pushes off his front knees causing constant irritation. At right, the vet was cleaning up Emmett’s knees. We put medication on them daily, and he just came off antibiotics. There is no simple way to protect his knees. We try and keep his stall well bedded but this doesn’t help when he is outside. As you can see by his photo (he’s sticking his tongue out), Emmett is not thrilled with his vet visit. He is such a character.

April has seen several of our horses needing veterinary care, in addition to those mentioned above. Your donations to Mylestone are absolutely critical to our providing the best care for our rescue horses, and we are deeply appreciative of your support. Please help the Mylestone horses here.


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