Maggie’s Ulcerated Eye Required Removal

Maggie has been in foster care locally since rescued from an auction 9 years ago. She recently developed an eye ulcer in her left eye and despite her sweet nature overall would not allow her foster mom to easily treat her eye. The meds needed to go in her eye several times a day and each time was a fight to get them in. When she started to rear up we knew we had to move on to another form of treatment.

Maggie did not have full vision in the eye, but Dr. MaryBeth wanted to save what she had. Maggie was sent to our vet’s barn for daily treatment. They put a catheter in Maggie’s lid with a tube that went back through her mane. They could put medication in her eye from the catheter without having to touch her face and eye. Maggie was good for treatment but the eye ulcer was not healing as it should have been.

Maggie became depressed and missed her buddies. After a week it was decided that the best course of action was to remove her eye rather than put her through 2-3 more weeks of treatment. Maggie was not used to being stalled, she lived out 24/7 and it was stressful for her.

Dr. Koster and Dr. Hamorski removed Maggie’s left eye in a heavily sedated standing procedure. Today Maggie is back with her buddies though they weren’t quite sure what to make of her bandaged face and big plastic eye shield. She is on Gastroguard for stomach ulcers and now finishing her grain.

Maggie is very happy to be back home. Thank you to her devoted foster mom, Laurel.


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