Our Dentists Are Our Heroes!

Bill Schultze working with Logan.

October 26th we held dentist day at the farm Our devoted group of equine dentists, Bill Schultze, Jim Edwards, Brian Shaw, and Dianne Frack generously donate their time all day to care for the rescue horses’ dental needs. Our long time vet Dr. MaryBeth Hamorski sedated the horses and her vet tech Robin Dietz assisted with caring for the horses.

Brian Shaw perks up Cleo's smile.

Dianne Frack makes sure Gus's mouth is nice and healthy.

We greatly appreciate the help from Lois Commander, Mike Mara, Ed Saultz, Nikki Griffiths, and Lori Dabkowski with making the day go smoothly. It is a huge production to get all the horses done. This year Woody needed a tooth pulled which Brian did. Piper had a broken tooth that needed to be filed down. The dentists were able to get done in record time this year. The services the equine dentists donate save the rescue thousands of dollars a year and it is a huge blessing!

Sundance gets a clean and healthy mouth thanks to Jim Edwards.


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