Trick or Treat Fundraiser A Howling Success

Thank you so much to all those that participated in our Trick or Treat fundraiser since we were unable to have Open House. This Halloween fundraiser allowed us to purchase an array of items for the horses - new winter blankets, new rain sheets, a pickup truckload full of grain, bags of bedding, new buckets, brushes, fly spray, many varieties of horse treats, halters, eye medication for Jackson, supplements, upcoming hoof trims for the horses, and new shoes for Gus, Dakota, and Tucker.

Poppy the goat really hit the jackpot; she got so many boxes of granola bars! She gets medication for arthritis and we stick the medication in pieces of the granola bars. This picture doesn’t include all the items, and we have more items on order. We were truly blown away by your generosity especially during this difficult time the world is facing. We thank you so much for remembering our rescue horses!


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