Helping Beyond the Farm - Spring/Summer 2020

The pandemic has been wreaking havoc on so many lives, forcing people to struggle to feed themselves and their families, let alone providing for their horses. As rescue groups, we have seen a huge downturn in donations due to cancelled fundraising events and people forced to cut back in their giving.

Thanks to a grant from Fleet of Angels with the help of Mylestone, hay was delievered to feed horses in need.

We have been working closely with a group called Fleet of Angels. They are helping horse owners in need as well as rescue groups with micro grants. Our Equine Relief Fund has been able to donate funds to help feed over 250 horses and still counting. They purchase the hay directly for the recipient; rescue groups receive grants. We have been trying to help local folks as well. We have purchased grain, donated funds for grain and hay to help horse owners in need. We have also helped rescue groups with vet bills, grain and hay as well.

"It was such a nice surprise and relief to receive this hay grant. We can’t thank everyone enough. We just got our load of hay yesterday morning. We unloaded 330 bales of hay.”
Ashley White -- Starfish Equine Rescue

Abby Marie Revoir, who started this rescue, used to volunteer with us when she attended Centenary in 2014.

The need is great -- we are doing what we can to help but we have limited funds. We have been able to give out over $11,000 to help other horses in need and we are so thankful to be able to make a small difference. Please consider a donation to our Equine Relief Fund!

These hay bales helped to feed 14 horses at another horse rescue in south Jersey. We’re also providing funding for some vet bills for one of their horses this year.

The following is a letter we received from Mountainview Horse Rescue. When we hear this, we know all our efforts are worth it and the funds are well-spent.

"How can I thank you all??? My heart is full! As we understand you all know, rescue funding is for us a struggle. With this virus it has just hit us so hard. We have so many animals and have been struggling so much … when you all graciously sent this donation … oh my gosh, we were losing hope! We will send pictures and a more formal thank you. Hay has been ordered and will be delivered as soon as possible…. I just wanted to acknowledge your donation. My heart is full. I was actually in tears. We cannot thank you enough and will send another thank you and pictures… Stay well, stay safe…
All at Mountainview Horse Rescue"

Read more about Mylestone's Equine Relief Fund and help us save lives!


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