Thanks for Supporting Help A Horse Day

Emmett is letting Casey know the wonderful news, we met our $10,000 match for Help a Horse Day and then some! We are so grateful to everyone’s support especially during these unprecedented times. We thank you for remembering the Mylestone horses. Part of the funds raised will go into our Equine Relief Fund to help other horses in need in NJ as well as other parts of the country.

The funds have already been put to work and have helped horses' owners feed over 50 horses. Many have lost their jobs and are struggling to feed themselves let alone their animals. We are doing what we can to help provide hay to horses in need. We have also been able to help another older horse in need that was affected by the current pandemic. More details to come about our new horse.

Thank you for being a part of this fundraiser and making a difference, this was our biggest fundraiser for the year and it was important for us to do well! Stay safe and take care.


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