Our Wonderful Dentists Make All the Difference

Bill Schultze working his dental magic with Tango.

October 21st was our annual dentist day. No one looks forward to the dentist, but we are so grateful to Bill, Jim, Brian, and Dianne who come annually to take care of the dental needs of our horses. Dr. Mary Beth and Dr. Simone from Califon Animal Hospital helped throughout the day sedating horses.

Brian with Sundance insuring his mouth is problem-free.

As horses age, their teeth wear down to smooth nubs which is why so many of our rescue horses are fed mashes. They are older and no longer able to chew as well. Cleo lost a molar in back, Phebe also lost a tooth.

Dianne (r.) works on Mini Pearl, assisted by volunteer
Lori Dabkowski.

Scout by far had the worst dental issues of the day. A lower tooth had developed Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis (EOTRH). This process occurs in older horses when their body resorbs the bone and tissue surrounding the incisor (and occasionally canine) roots. As a horse loses more and more of his dental papillae (the gums between each incisor), feed accumulates and gives the green light for infection in the gingival (gum) pockets. The vets had to take X-rays of Scout's tooth and then Bill, Dianne and Dr Mary Beth had to remove the tooth. It took a lot of manpower and Scout was sedated. This is a very painful disease.

Shadow is usually worked on by Jim, so he has some level of comfort despite his blindness. Also helping out is Lois, a Board Member and volunteer.

Dr. Simone came back to re check Scout because I thought his mouth smelled and he actually had a small piece of tooth left that was easily removed. Bruce had the difficult task of washing out Scoutís mouth twice a day, and Scout was not cooperative. As always, the horses all recovered from dentist day. Many thanks to the wonderful people that helped us pull off this day - Mike, Ed, Lois, Lori and Nikki! It truly is a group effort with so much work that needs to get done in a short amount of time, and our dentists are really amazing!