Welcome Casper and Starry Night to Mylestone

Meet our newest intakes, Starry Night and Casper. They actually arrived late summer but due to the tragic situation they were coming from we felt it best not to publicize that we had them.

The owners were being court ordered off their property and there was no one to care for the horses. It was a dire situation for the horses and we agreed to take them. Since the horses were relatively local two friends of Mylestone were able to trailer them to the farm on short notice. The horses had been alone together for a long time, so it was a bit of a shock for them to come to the farm and see all the rescue horses. They have settled in well.

Starry Night is a very handsome gelding in his early 20ís. He may be lightly ridable. He is extremely social and loves the other horses. He whinnies to them often. He can be bossy to Casper which we have really had to watch. Starry will push Casper away from hay and grain and even water. Bruce made three small stalls into two larger ones so we could give them their own stalls in the barn. This allowed Casper to have time by himself away from Starry to eat in peace. He is a harder keeper and was on the thinner side. We are able to feed him an extra meal at late night, too. He and Starry go out in their own field during the day and then come in at night.

Casper is a beautiful palomino gelding in his early 20ís. He is not sound for riding. He has been good to work with but he is a tad on the grumpy side. His first thought is food and he is solely motivated by that. He really isnít overly interested in anything else, including people. We know he was at an auction at one point in his life and went through another rescue group before being adopted out. We think that his constantly being pushed away from food has affected his attitude, and we are hoping once he realizes that he will no longer have to worry about competing for food he will relax. Starry Night is the more outgoing of the two.

We were very fortunate to have received financial help with their care when we first took them in. Both boys are now available for monthly sponsorship starting January 1st. Please consider sponsoring Starry Night or Casper in the new year!